About Scorpion Tank Media

Humble Beginnings
Scorpion Tank Media, Inc. started out as a fairly humble charity video game marathon. A group of friends in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, located just a little south of Pittsburgh, PA, decided that they wanted to do some good for the world, and partnered with Child’s Play Charity for a 48 hour, live-streamed video game marathon to raise money to buy books, toys, and games for kids who were faced with extended hospital stays. After successful events in 2015 and 2016, the guys branched out into other projects, including the Adult Podcast for Kids, also experimenting with other things such as streaming on Twitch and creating YouTube videos.

Growth and Change
After two successful Adult Marathon for Kids events, the group decided to take their efforts to the next level, forming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, and calling themselves Scorpion Tank Media, Inc. based off of a reference to a comedy bit in one of their podcasts.

The goal of Scorpion Tank Media, Inc. is to act as a service to local creators of art, literature, journalism, music, and videography for the benefit of causes that we care about.

In 2017, shortly after launching, Scorpion Tank Media announced that it was partnering with several local southerwestern Pennsylvania musicians to work on a charity compilation album. We are currently in the planning stages for our third live-streamed 48 hour video game marathon. We’re also creating new content, from podcasts to video productions that will make you laugh, make you think, and hopefully raise some revenue for our favorite charitable causes, both local and national.

You can support our cause by clicking the donation button below. All donations are fully tax-deductable under US law. Donations go to maintenance and purchasing of equipment, general charitable funds, and promotion and outreach efforts.