Amazon Prime Members Can Pre-Order Splatoon 2 for $12 Off

Retailing for $59.98, Splatoon 2 looks to be one of the hottest new releases of the season for the Switch. From now until release (Splatoon 2 has a release date of July 21, 2017), you can grab your own copy of this hotly anticipated title from Nintendo for just $47.90 with free shipping on Amazon Prime!

We were massive fans of the original Splatoon for the Wii U, and Splatoon 2 is sure to expand on the quirky fun of the original. Splatoon 2 introduces dual-weilding weapons, local multiplayer turf battles (both in TV mode and on the run), and online battles with voice chat, which was a major downfall of the first game in the series.

Amazon Prime members who are fortunate enough to be Nintendo Switch owners owe it to themselves to pick up this awesome deal. Let us know what you think of Splatoon 2 and the Switch on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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