Destiny is Calling. Will You Answer? Destiny 2 Beta First Impressions

Are you considering pre-ordering Bungie’s hotly anticipated Destiny 2 for your PlayStation 4 or XBox One? Scott “The Grave” Roberts has played the beta and is sharing his thoughts exclusively here at Scorption Tank Media.

Who turned off the lights on my Guardian?  The answer is Ghaul, the new big bad of Destiny 2 who leads a superior Cabal faction known as Red Legion.  More on this in a second.

Bungie’s highly anticipated sequel, Destiny 2, dropped its beta on July 18th, 2017.  PS4 who pre-ordered, got their hands on the game on July 18..  Xbox One gamers who pre-ordered gained access on July 19th 2017, and the beta will be open to everyone who hasn’t pre-ordered starting July 21st, 2017 through July 23rd, 2017.

I will keep my first impression on this beta brief, since the time I spent with it was limited due to a busy schedule.  You all know how that is.  Also, you should know I was never a big PvP fan, so I skipped that part of the beta entirely.  I had no time for the PvE beta Strike either, so I will leave that untouched.  It is rare these days, but a solid single player campaign is still what drives me to buy games.

The Destiny 2 beta starts you off with a few missions from the main campaign story.  Right off of the start, Ghaul leads an all-out assault on the The Tower (your main hub from the original Destiny) and The Traveler.  Destruction and chaos are everywhere as your Guardian and his Ghost are just returning to The Tower to investigate.  Right off the bat, as you spawn as your Guardian with a culmination of great visuals and sound effects, you feel the urgency of the situation.  Your home is being plunged into darkness.

What is really satisfying about these opening missions is that you are working your way around a battle-torn tower; a place you never got to fight in before because it used to serve as the main hub to buy gear, get missions, and so on. It feels nostalgic and sad at the same time as you realize things are about to change.  One thing that stood out to me that wasn’t in the original game is the use of additional characters, such as Cayde-6, sprinkled throughout the mission to add to the story.  This was refreshing , considering that in the predecessor you would often go from point A to point B without running into anything but the enemy.

Let’s skip to the end.  Upon completing the supplied story missions you have a face to face with Ghaul, who is about to strip The Traveler of his light with a big machine they attached to it.  A  domino effect occurs. Your ghost loses his light, then your Guardian falls to the ground losing his.  In short, Ghaul does not believe the Guardians deserve the power, and he is taking it all for himself.  Ghaul literally kicks your Guardian off of his ship and as the decent begins the story mission ends.  After that, you have an opportunity to check out 2 PvP maps and 1 PvE Strike, neither of which I participated in.

Now, for the big question:  Will it be worth the buy?  For myself, yes.  The game feels very similar but very different at the same time. I cannot decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  The bottom line is that I had a blast creating a clan with my friends in the first Destiny, and exploring and conquering the enemy together was never boring.  There is a promise for more in-game story, the graphics are great, the sound is great, and the mechanics are smooth.  If you were at all a fan of the first, then I have no doubt you will want to jump on board with Destiny 2.  As for newcomers, I am led to believe you should be able to jump into this game with no problem whatsoever.

For more information (I’m hoping I get a chance to check out the strike later), tune in to the Adult Podcast for Kids at 8:00 PM on Friday, July 21st, 2017 on our Twitch channel.  Bungie’s Destiny 2 officially releases on September 6th, 2017.

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