Marvel’s ‘New Warriors’ Cast Announced – Who is Squirrel Girl?

After heavy speculation on who might wind up on the cast for cable newcomer Freeform’s adaptation of Marvel’s New Warriors, we finally know who’s playing who. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop.

Arguably the most highly-anticipated casting decision, the immensely popular Squirrel Girl, was handed to This is Us and Love (Netflix) actress Milana Vayntrub. Casual audiences may best know Vayntrub as the cute and quirky Lily from those AT&T Wireless commercials.

The unkillable and often unloveable Mr. Immortal will be played by Derek Theler of Baby Daddy fame. Journeyman b-movie actor Jeremy Tardy (War Dogs) takes on the role of Night Thrasher. Calum Worthy, a former kid actor best known for his role as Dez on Disney’s Austin & Ally will take on the mantle of Speedball. Steven Universe regular and iCarly vet Matthew Moy will play Microbe. Finally, the ensemble cast rounds out with career role-player Kate Comer.

Of the cast, showrunner Kevin Biegel said, “I am thrilled beyond belief to be working with this incredible group of actors. They are funny, sincere, eager, charming and perfectly embody these characters. It’ll be a blast and an honor to create this show with each of them.”

The initial run of ten episodes is slated to begin sometime in 2018.

The Verdict

While I would have totally preferred to see Anna Kendrick get the role of Squirrel Girl, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the pleasant surprise of Vayntrub. Her performance in Love on Netflix as well as her AT&T ad gig has more than proven that she can play an adorkable character with some range.

As for the rest of the cast, while it’s always risky to pick up former child actors, one only has to look so far as the casting of the CW’s Riverdale to see that it’s not too far fetched. I’ll let the show speak for itself, but I’m looking forward to it a great deal.

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