Unbelievably Rare NES Prototype of SimCity Finally Unearthed

Image result for simcity nes nintendo power

Image result for simcity nes nintendo powerAfter being previewed in Nintendo Power (ironically, along with the localized version of Mother, originally known simply as “Earth Bound”) way back in November of 1990, then assumed forgotten and never to be played, a legit prototype cartridge containing the long-sought after NES version of SimCity has emerged.

This is huge news for retro gaming enthusiasts. After Nintendo Power teased us with the little blurb pictured on the left, collectors and gamers had long speculated that they’d never see the game in action.

Now, though, a lucky collector has this holy grail of gaming in their hands, and they were kind enough to share a YouTube video of the game in action.

Now, can we get a ROM dump so that the rest of the world can get in on the action? Check it out for yourself.

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